Summer running water park safety protection which aspects do you know


the security problems of how to arrange the lifeguard

a lot of people think the swimmers will show obvious pain phenomena in the water, such as yelling or waving arms, but on the contrary, drowning people to his arms down to let the head above the water to breathe. As a result, people show more quiet, less attention of drowning. According to the observational studies, said the adults in the past decade, Not surfing) Find themselves unable to in the state of normal useful typically struggle 60 seconds, babies and small children is 20 seconds.

because drowning can still occur, so the lifeguard not found drowned man in time and not surprisingly, immediate event occurred in 20 feet ( 6 m) In the distance. As a result, the lifeguard must enough number, and cannot be assigned to other tasks, so as not to distract work

a lifeguard job is not just the drowned man save up so simple.

in the first place, the lifeguard to go through the necessary training and certification, Certificate) Changes, along with the health and safety standards, the lifeguard also need to continue update the necessary skills.

second, athletes indicates a lifeguard, a lifeguard to master first aid, CPR, and skilled use of AED, first aid equipment and other skills, ensure stable before paramedics arrived.

in addition, the lifeguard also monitoring ( Include people and equipment) And education ( Personal and children swimming and dangerous action warning) , the action of evacuation.

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