Summer recreation equipment prevent bask in work

2019 - 08 - 22 16:52:07

the summer has come, the weather grew hot, in the park, square and playground put inflatable playground equipment should be how to operate to protect the safety of equipment and shall not affect the profit? Must want to do a good job of protective sunscreen. Amusement equipment, small make up today to explore the summer with fellow users want to do a good job of sunscreen inflatable playground equipment. As a result of the inflatable playground equipment material is made of PVC waterproof cloth, the sunlight will be more soft, under the condition of the blower constant supplemental air equipment will increase the pressure, if the sunlight for a long time may have an explosion danger, so the inflatable playground equipment summer suntan protection work must be done well.

when first inflatable playground equipment placed under better spread a layer of canvas tents, both to better heat insulation, also on the bottom of the device have very good protection effect. Prevent bask in the device's upper pull a net, can be easily sunscreen net around now to buy, the price is not high also. Advantage is that can not only avoid inflatable playground equipment and put an end to the danger of explosion accidents, sunlight can also play child avoid exposure and heat stroke, and a cool place parents friends won't refuse to children to play, like this can guarantee the normal profit. Since there are so many benefits, each user what is there against it?

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