Summer outdoor water park, the pool how to maintain?


the summer water park has always been a hot topic, can deserve to go up a set of basic bath center, now, the resort will also deserve a, attracting a large number of customers, because in summer the weather is hot, go to the river swimming is very unsafe, and also not health, but can't have so water park, Inflatable Water Park almost every day ring water first, second, pool water is not too deep, on the bottom, very safe, so to attract a large number of customers, to wash bath to cool.

1。 Maintenance method

just as its name implies is closely related to water water park equipment, even many devices are perennial soak in the water, this will inevitably occur corrosion and rust. If it is material corrosion resistance to rust equipment can relieve rusting time, to a certain extent, but over time will still have a similar problem. This would require the user to do a good job of daily monthly yearly maintenance, not regularly check the status of equipment and if there are signs of corrosion rust paint coatings, in time, this not only enhances the beauty of the water park equipment, also can prevent spoiling cause machine damage.

2。 Maintenance methods

regular maintenance is the precondition of preventing safety accident happened, Inflatable Water Park equipment should be periodically screen may appear safe hidden trouble, not on a regular basis to equipment maintenance, see if there's any loose for interface, operation is flexible, not flexible in a timely manner to oil lubrication. If the equipment damage is more timely sent to the Inflatable Water Park, professional equipment repair station to repair, should keep the tail from wagging the dog. For holiday tourists, such as peak should be in early completes the inspection work, also want to see, after the peak after a large number of use, water park equipment must have a certain damage, so in order to prepare the next run

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