Summer inflatable class children's amusement equipment, how to do a good job of sunscreen?


hot summer has arrived, and the corresponding weather is gradually warming, is putting some of the children in the square to a park or amusement equipment, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, how to do a good job is prevented bask in? Below small make up to discuss to you!

inflatable playground equipment using the air circulation within the scientific principle, the increasing air flow inside the inflatable playground equipment, children can experience the weightlessness and bounce when play fun, so popular. As a result of the inflatable playground equipment material is made of PVC waterproof fabric, under the conditions of exposure will be more soft, and blower continues to equipment added can increase the air pressure, airflow if long-term exposure can lead to the danger of explosion under the condition of, so inflatable playground equipment summer suntan protection work must be done well.

when first inflatable playground equipment placed under better spread a layer of canvas tents, both to better heat insulation, also on the bottom of the device have very good protection effect. Prevent bask in the device's upper pull a net, can be easily sunscreen net around now to buy, the price is not high also. Advantage is that can not only avoid inflatable playground equipment exposure and put an end to the danger of explosion accidents, also can let play child avoid exposure and heat stroke, and resistance to cool place parents friends won't refuse to children to play, like this can guarantee the normal profit. Since there are so many benefits, each user what is there against it? Believe everybody listened to the views above, should soon be able to understand the amusement equipment, how to do is prevented bask in!

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