Summer how to cool amusement equipment?

2019 - 08 - 21 10:36:35

summer vacation period, square amusement business has been in high temperature, not only people need to be cool, amusement equipment, also want to cool, but should pay attention to adjust measures to local conditions. There are three kinds of cooling methods commonly used in simple terms, one is on top of the equipment erection of awnings, that it is suitable for carousel, bumper cars and so on area of smaller products; Second is the physical cooling, operator can be less out of business or the customer, with the method of spray cooling, this way is suitable for orbit small train, surging ahead not too convenient to build outdoor sunshade measures such as amusement equipment. Now during the summer vacation comes, children's amusement equipment, but also attracted the attention of a lot of children, but parents don't want to ride in the big sun overheating devices, so fewer to outdoor amusement park, indoor playground will clearly more popular. So for customer has invested in outdoor amusement projects and how to solve this problem? In fact in order to avoid the sun insolates, operators can appropriate business some time in the evening, so when visitors experience joy, night lighting beauty but also bring different visual experience for visitors. Don't pay attention to the summer heat maintenance problems, no matter how good the quality of children's amusement equipment is not properly maintenance, profit for you to think about it for a long time is not realistic. Inflatable playground equipment using the air circulation within the scientific principle, the increasing air flow inside the inflatable castles, children can experience the weightlessness and bounce when play fun, so popular. Since the material of inflatable castle amusement equipment is made of PVC waterproof fabric, under the conditions of exposure will be more soft, and blower constant supplemental air equipment will increase the pressure, if long-term exposure conditions may lead to the risk of explosion, so children inflatable amusement equipment summer suntan protection work must be done well.
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