Summer arrived, want to know these tricks of amusement park


summer is the season of bacterium, amusement park is a place where the children gathered, for health and safety problem of the amusement park has been the parents care about. Generally speaking, in the children's entertainment facilities, play is relatively large, the number of children identifying ability is weak, sometimes don't know children entertainment facilities above is dirty, unconsciously will may be some children's entertainment facilities, mouth and even can't move and there is a health problem of the forehead, after the usual touch is not health to do other things. So how to do in the summer playground health problems?

a, keep the floor clean and regular cleaning of the system. Daily cleaning and disinfection, monthly cleaning.

2, cleaning and disinfection of the equipment to once a week, keep it clean.

three set rubbish bins, fixed location, disinfection cleaning on a regular basis.

4, field work normally open power supply, close all electrical equipment after work

I hope you do business don't ignore the most important health problem at the same time, give the children a healthy world ~

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