Sudden stop amusement equipment accident emergency matters needing attention

2019 - 10 - 02 15:26:27

a. The common malfunction 1 amusement equipment. All of a sudden shutdown; 2. Mechanical fracture; 3. Falling from the sky. 2. Failure and prevention amusement equipment consists of several systems. The cause of the failure is very complicated, mainly caused by improper maintenance. Therefore, to prevent the failure is to strengthen the daily maintenance and check regularly. 3. Emergency point 1. When the game in physical discomfort and feel unbearable, should remind staff to stop immediately. 2. When abnormal downtime, please do not tampered with by itself and releasing device. Remain calm, listen to the opinions of the staff, and wait for help. 3. In accident casualties and other emergencies, should avoid panic, squats and crowded, and timely evacuation. Four. Tip 1. When tourists were playing, carefully read the 'instructions', first listen to the staff's explanation, grasp the key points of the game, high blood pressure, heart disease and other personnel don't play with the project is not suitable for your body. Lead minors to play a good role in supervision.

2。 Any children's amusement equipment corresponding protection device. When the equipment malfunction, please remain calm and obey the command. Wait for rescue is the choice of tourists, can reduce the severity of the accident, and even to avoid personal injury accidents.

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