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2019 - 08 - 27 09:12:44

holiday is the most popular children's amusement industry, and the Mid-Autumn festival, National Day the two major holiday will soon follow, a three days holiday, a holiday for 7 days, this adds up to ten day small long vacation lets many operators have to muster all his strength to make a lot of money, after all, the ten days of income can hold 3 times daily. So in the face of the two golden holidays, absolutely is the best time to run inflatable castle. Inflatable castles in recent years, though, in the market already very common, but still was deeply loved by consumers. And during the holidays, more popular sentiment. Inflatable castles, relative to other business project investment is very safe, because it upfront costs less, just want to buy a inflatable castle can be run, do not need to spend a lot of time and money to planning. And its flexibility is strong, simple operation, all the year round to make money, investors can choose location management. Inflatable castle has an advantage that is safe, operators as long as according to the matters needing attention, do not operate in extreme weather, usually love to equipment, operating at heart a little more, then will not have any security hidden danger, operating a three to five years is safe and there is no problem. So festival hit, opportunity and tide wait for no man, want to buy inflatable castle bosses may need to step up time, buy equipment, after all, plus the production also need a period of time, to start timing is just right now, when holiday comes, must let you earn.
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