Stents pool of summer and for blending


it from day to day hot, muggy weather around us, even breathing the air was hot! So big sun basically cut off the idea of outdoor activities! But support the emergence of the swimming pool, no doubt, be summer outdoor activities necessary project! Can enjoy roaming in water, feeling cool breath. So support pool is to use what fabric, safe? The amusement equipment company to explain the safety of the stent pool?

the first stent swimming pool is made up of steel frame and 0. 48 mm and network increasing export quality material, is a combination of scarlett fabric cloth. Fabric work are all double sewing, stitching, and is also very wide, more strong. Subject for steel pipe support, the pool body pool use special PVC coated fabric, high frequency welding heat and molding. Friction resistance, anti-aging, etc. , and set up the convenient, use safety, clean sanitation, without special venue. Regular rectangular shape for stent swimming pool, also can be customized according to the site size.

stent swimming pool not only mobile and convenient, the operation nimble, it also can be in the park, square, stadium, tourist attractions and other venues. To save assembly over the summer, with free space for other projects. Will not result in a waste land already so, also can bring profits for you.

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