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2019 - 08 - 23 08:39:19

for outdoor plaza amusement equipment operators, it is a big business opportunity, the new atv became the square is new bestow favor on, looks very atmospheric electric simulation beach car, deserve to go up cool modelling, lighting and music, especially popular among children, square, electric atv is suitable for children of all ages to play, can also take a adult children, electric atv business square, because rents are cheaper, covers an area of small, need not store, small investment, income is fast, and is a cash business, there is no default, economic benefit is very good, so a lot of people start a career change investment business square amusement business.

20 a, two pieces of battery parameters, atv products for 5 hours 45 kg weight bearing 100 kg two-way adjusting speed, CVT, laser lamp, floor lamp, LED lamp. Battery amd 12 v20a two pieces! 1. Metal wheels: thickening vacuum tire, wear-resisting, hold the dungeon, friction resistance, its handling is strong. 2. Longer hydraulic shock absorption: bold suspension design, improve the ride comfort and comfort of driving. 3. Crash barrier: to prevent accidental appearance, can effectively guarantee the car from damage. Amusement park of recreation facilities, need reasonable use a space, so how to put entertainment devices? For some very popular children's amusement facilities, or simply introduce the children's amusement facilities, managers would put these rides in visible enough, this would increase the popularity of entertainment facilities, also can offer new entertainment facilities for tourists. Scenic area in the amusement park, for example, places of entertainment large flow, casino where the ticket office, in addition, in the public amusement place also has a good effect. 4. Radar light cool color LED lights: more than dazzle cool light, light bulbs, lighting strong sex, plastic protection lampshade, lamp is safer.

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