Square, beach car, untamed

2019 - 08 - 28 11:00:29

for outdoor plaza amusement equipment operators, it is a big business opportunity, the new atv became the square to be bestowed favor on newly, electric atv looks very atmospheric, deserve to go up cool modelling, lighting and music, especially popular among children, square, electric atv is suitable for children of all ages to play, can also take a adult children, electric atv business square, because rents are cheaper, covers an area of small, need not store, small investment, income is fast, and is a cash business, there is no default, economic benefit is very good, so a lot of people start a career change investment business square amusement business. Beach car, also known as all-terrain four-wheel off-road motorcycles. Beach car can drive on any terrain vehicle, in normal walking difficult terrain to motor vehicle. Vehicle simple and practical, cross-country performance, general appearance without a tent. Good quality, excellent performance, not only can run on the beach; Very harsh desert could easily overcome.

- - - Two pieces of small beach car 20 according to amd battery, 250 w motor insurance protection device thickening wear-resisting vacuum tire before the spotlight thickening steel structure in the whole body cool lights intelligent display, can see power leather seats, soft start the package design is convenient, the operation is simple throttle control the speed, let go or stop flexible steering, square, park.

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