Square amusement equipment back to the fast high attendance car has these characteristics

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New Year August company royal carriage storage battery has arrived, since 2006 the company since its establishment, the company has been committed to the production and research and development of square amusement equipment, with their own dedication and hard work for the square amusement operators to provide a safe, stable and quality products, to reassure customers to earn money. Royal carriage as a new product, with 4 pieces of 20 amd battery, 500 w brushless motor, providing customers with a longer operating time and strong power to support. Equipped with four before and after the collision avoidance radar, either forward or backward, to provide better security. Body provided by colorful neon lights and mushroom globe, color changes more changeable, color more gorgeous. Become a night scenery, whether in the pedestrian street,

500 w brushless motor, provide a powerful motivation for car. 150 kg load, a family of four can play together. Is the true parent double amusement equipment. This money is easy, isn't it a lot easier. Specialized technical after-sales team, to provide you with perfect after-sale protection. The change of consumption structure more consumers, willing to put more energy and money for their children, to give the child a happy childhood. The development of urbanization, to a certain extent, limit the children activity space, more children want to out of the village, to more square to play, to satisfy their curiosity. Parents escort the child time, I hope children happy happy playing. Square amusement equipment is very good to meet, children and parents needs. Better parent-child activities for children and parents.

the royal carriage dream of this a few months order, less after-sales, customer response is good, the repurchase rate is high, the domestic car of the same configuration, we can say is can do the only one manufacturer of high quality and low price, like the customer can click on the image below to see the royal carriage dream video

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