Specializing in the production of inflatable amusement facilities

2019 - 11 - 05 16:44:46

company mainly design, research and development, production support pool, inflatable amusement facilities ( Such as inflatable toys, inflatable trampoline, etc. ) , fun sports equipment, props, large inflatable toys, Such as type of children's park and popular in the international market, inflatable trampoline, inflatable slide, etc. ) , inflatable water park, Such as inflatable boats, inflatable pool, water trampoline, water slide, water seesaw, inflatable swimming pools, water walking ball, a children's hand boat, etc. ) All kinds of inflatable advertising, inflatable cartoon, inflatable tent, rainbow arch, etc. In addition, the company can hand drawing, 3 d rendering, and other forms of product design for you to choose and make to order, also can according to your request design products company sales network all over the country provinces and cities. Products are exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain and Taiwan and other countries and regions. Welcome new and old customers call for enquiry.

but the material of children's amusement equipment, inflatable castle is the use of ultra strong carbon strong polymerization of PVC heat, USES the international first-class stitched process, fully streamlined design, strict inspection in accordance with the international standard. Scientific design makes it not only has beautiful shape, and are more comfortable with ordinary inflatable products can not reach. After a non-toxic resistance to abrasion tests at low temperature, can directly on the ground. Streamline design, without any protrusions, security. After the European non-toxic safety testing, fully meet the most stringent U. S. and European standard. You can like them rest assured choice INTEX products. Such a product, there is a problem?

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