Some simple introduction of inflatable castle fan

2020 - 03 - 24 09:01:09

inflatable castle as a very popular and very popular with the children's adventure playground, every manufacturer has many excellent products, product introduction is very detailed. But very few of the fan are introduced. Fan as a indispensable parts in the inflatable products, its action is the most important, of course, a good inflatable castles, fan failure does not work, that is not open, that is to say, the fan can be direct impact on business, on the other hand, the stand or fall of fan is relatively important. Fan often give a most manufacturers in buyers to purchase products, of course also ruled out a few manufacturer to another fan fee, so need to ask when buying, to know more about the fan related quality issues. Our company under the

just to share with you.

1。 The fan shell material used to make the fan shell has a lot of, such as iron, aluminum, plastic, etc. , different materials have different characteristics, its heat resistance is different also. Warwick expert says, PP plastic ( The polypropylene) In numerous material, its thermal performance is relatively good. Under general conditions, PP plastic can tolerate the high temperature of 150 ℃, and in the case of such a high temperature, also won't happen out of shape. Experts suggest, therefore, should pay attention to when buying fan fan material is heat-resistant. 2. See fan for cooling design of fan cooling mouth mouth, generally design on the motor shell, this helps the cooling of the machine. In addition, the cooling mouth can also be set at the bottom of the fan, both cooling and drainage. Summer are generally not high temperature and wet weather, so we have to fan performance requirements, not only to heat faster, but also can discharge the water in a timely manner. Thermal design of mouth, can act as the above two big role, is helpful to extend the service life of fan. 3. See article motor shell with and without horizontal grain design motor shell around the horizontal grain design, is to ensure that the fan into the wind at the same time, can reduce the temperature of the motor running time. Motor is the core component of the fan and the fan problem of temperature rise is mostly due to the fan operation, caused by rising the temperature of the motor. So the motor cooling performance is good or bad, will directly affect the performance of radiator fan as a whole.

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