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inflatable castle is a kind of appearance is castle modelling of the inflatable amusement equipment, use has the characteristics of environmental protection, soft material, for children's amusement. Because of its lovely, unique shape, popular children's favorite. Also known as: inflatable castles, children's castle, inflatable trampoline, etc. Large inflatable castle park belong to a new generation of recreational facilities, according to the characteristics of the design, it contains slides, a variety of animal shapes, is rich in entertainment, popular children's favorite. It has security, comprehensive, ornamental, novelty, color bright, durable through scientific three-dimensional combination, adopt super waterproof cloth is made and be become, it is a comprehensive strong entertainment paradise. Gamers by turn, roll, climb, shake, shake, jump, drilling and other novel activity way, to achieve the development intelligence, the exercise, the purpose of pleasure. This product because of its randomness and no power unit was welcomed by buyers, safe and reliable, management is simple, easy maintenance. ( 1) Large inflatable toys and small and medium-sized plastic toys fabric thickness of 0. 65mm( 500 d) Slide and slopes using 0. 65mm( 1000 d) Fabric, the bottom thickness of 0. 55mm( 500 d) 。 The height of the air cushion is 60 centimeters, barrier height is 80 cm, the width of the barrier for the 27 - 30 cm. Slide and modelling design are rounded corners. In easy to break the use of reinforced structure from sewing. Material PVC clip net cloth, for national unity by quality supervision testing results show that this material, non-toxic tasteless green amusement equipment completely specify one of the material. ( 2) This material is a professional inflatable cloth, good cold resistance, can be up to 40 degrees below zero at low temperature; Good flame retardancy. Is short for PVC material, PVC is PVC resin as the main raw material, adding suitable amount of anti-aging agent, modification agent and so on, through mixing, rolling, such as vacuum blister technology and material. Can use around eight to thousands of people. A profile, inflatable, inflatable castle gas model is a favorite amusement toys for children is designed according to children's characteristics, through scientific combination of three-dimensional form of a collection of amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness function such as children's entertainment center. It is a new and comprehensive strong children's paradise, is aimed at children like drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, hang, swing, jump, roll and nature. Inflatable module is divided into a lot of kinds, style variety, specification can be customised, the company will be produced according to customer's requirements; For the customer to choose multiple types: the Disney castle, naughty cat, peacock garden, football stadium, jinlong, animal paradise, a maze, panda castle, fan's castle, etc. Inflatable castle sites without limit, both inside and outside, or irregular space, can install, management is simple, no power equipment, maintenance is convenient. Children playing at the same time can develop independent personality, physical exercise, brain puzzle. Inflatable model gas field without limit, both inside and outside, or irregular space, can install, management is simple, no power equipment, maintenance is convenient. Have randomness at the same time, without the characteristics of dynamic, interactive, and security, optional sex is not limited by space, both indoor and outdoor, or irregular space, can install; No performance refers to the inflatable model gas without any power plant operation, aeriform in saving the operating costs, but also guarantee the safety of a rider is also popular among buyers factor 2, inflatable castle choose imported PVC coated material, tensile strength, tear strength is strong, good adhesion, cold - 30 degrees, thermal + 65 degrees, greatly increase its service life. Three, inflatable castle 1 installation. Inflatable model gas installation: 1 place inflatable model gas on flat ground, had better put a patch (below Such as carpet, plastic striped cloth) And carried out. 2 find inflatable model gas inlet, outlet and fan are connected, and tied the fan mouth then spare air inlet tied with a rope. 3 the blower, turning on the power supply device in 5 - Will take ten minutes. 2. Supporting the installation of the fan: 1 choose gb 1. 5mm2- 4 was several meters cable connected to the fan, air switch at the other end connections, and to get an electric shock protector 2 before the use should check whether the power supply voltage is consistent and nameplate, direction of rotation is correct. 3 cases should be a reliable earthed, and regular check, the inlet of the fan according to the fence, so as to avoid accidents. 3. Inflatable model gas cleaning collection: 1 to cut off the power supply, open interface and exhaust fan, exhaust time is in commonly 10 - More than 25 minutes, to squeeze. If the device because of the rain water, make sure the water is clean and dry cleaning processing, 2 can use detergent to wipe besmirch, oily be soiled, then wash clean with clear water and dry it. 3 the folding equipment, with bottom with positive, reoccupy tarpaulins to cover it. 4 if not for a long time, folded into the clean equipment, bundling, packing is good. Storage temperature is in commonly - It is advisable to 50 ~ + 40 degrees Celsius. 5 fan should notice moistureproof, anticorrosion. Model gas equipment should pay attention to rat bite by insects.
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