Small investment, quick return, no technology business

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now whether it is a square or a toy car all kinds of amusement park, inflatable castles and diverse styles, is very popular children's like, every Saturday, Sunday or holiday where there are people mountain people sea, so the square, park business is fairly robust, attracted many operator's investment, low investment, high return without risk, management is convenient, simple and easy to operate, the service object are children or students, faster than making easy money to work, is a lot of young people the ideal investment channels.

steel bungee jumping equipment produced by our company is the most popular, the most fashionable, child health entertainment sports equipment. Children bungee jumping bed biggest characteristic is interesting adventure, etc, which cover an area of an area small, easy to use, don't need to use electricity, without being limited by the space, park, square, shopping centers, indoor and outdoor can use. Before each operation to check the safety rope, elastic rope, the welding of steel and other places, such as with a fracture to change in time maintenance, safety is the most important. Its installation from discharge is convenient and flexible, installation is firm, can be folded, convenient transportation. Children can fly freely in the air when playing with the steel bungee jumping, jumping, all kinds of stunts can be completed, can not only fitness, still can exercise courage, also can do it in the air 360 degrees, 720 degrees before and after the flip, good exercise child whole body a gender, control, it is one of the best amusement equipment to improve children's comprehensive quality. Once launched, are welcome, not only brought happiness to tourists, also brought lucrative returns to the operator, operating note 1 steel bungee jumping. Should regularly check the accessories such as bungee jumping bungee cord belt of the bed, if found the problem please timely replacement. 2. To you and the safety of others, only play in children under 40 kg weight. 3. 2 - 5 lighter child on each side using a bungee cord; 5 - Children generally weighs ten sides is using two elastic rope. So the use of bungee cord to adjust the quantity is according to the player's weight
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