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now most people like to swim from Internet consulting amusement equipment price, I found that to ask price of the customer has a problem, come up to ask that how about the price, no other problems. As I personally feel, choose amusement equipment not only should consider from the price, but also to select from the manufacturer. If you are looking at children's paradise, then suggest before consulting visit more domestic well-known brand of the amusement park and good amusement park near here, so when consult factory, the in the mind also have an end.     Actually buy children's amusement equipment, we don't only look at how cheap price of the product, we should pay attention to quality, only good quality products will also bring us a steady stream of wealth. For example, every day there is a lot of traffic in this way can we make a lot of money, if the device at a crucial moment because of quality problems to cease, and that losses will be far greater than the savings when purchasing equipment. And on the other hand is to consider the psychological characteristics of all people, not only define the amusement equipment on objects for children, adults and actually set some old people we attract objects, because they will consider to the amusement park amusement equipment is safe for children, and then decide whether to take the children to play. So when we in selecting a product not only to be attractive in colour and modelling, more important is to make the whole playground for the children's physical and mental health, can let parents comfortable bringing children to play.     When buying children's amusement equipment to check whether manufacturers all formalities complete, now the state of children's amusement equipment inspections is becoming more and more big, especially for those who put in square, park, supermarkets and other places of amusement equipment. If you don't complete formalities, may have to at that time, but is not a long-term solution, always buy a product, to see whether the parts is used for the product normal manufacturer of production, the overall design is reasonable. On the source control inferior products, such products at the time of operation will be more secure.

  As domestic children's growing consumer market, children's theme park is as the growth of the index level. Because of the lack of enough money and enough market guide, so it caused the children's park overall quality is not high, the park is essentially a touch kind, thus lead to the market competition is fierce. Investors often complain that can't make money. For this small make up from safety, quality, interaction and combining with the three aspects of the different characteristics for all kinds of amusement equipment to children's park management experience, to give our clients for their optimization direction of children's paradise.

  A, amusement equipment safety & emsp;   The safety of amusement equipment is the basis of any adventure playground success or failure, especially children's paradise for security needs are more urgent. A children's paradise can survive, or parents and children will go to your children's playground, amusement equipment, safety is the primary criteria. Only through strict design and strict technical review, rigorous tender and careful selection of suppliers, precision manufacturing to final inspection, from the full range of each link to improve the quality of security, to ensure the safety of amusement equipment, in order to make the children's park project has lasting vitality.     Second, the amusement equipment quality problems & emsp;   Great amusement equipment quality determines the competitiveness of a children's paradise. On the premise of guarantee security, through the integration of external resources, combined with the own innovation, as well as customers know more and buy equipment, only then customize theme amusement project, to create unique quality and has its own characteristics and children's park, so as to effectively promote paradise attraction and influence.     Three, amusement equipment interaction problems

& emsp;   With the rapid development of amusement equipment industry, the modern children already cannot satisfy their demand for amusement equipment, used to be passive experience, now they need to be more active participation, more interactive and more realistic experience, this is why the interactivity of amusement equipment will be absorbing the essence of children's paradise. Through between tourists and multimedia interaction, and the combination of multimedia, equipment and mechanical equipment alternates between the interaction in the form, can greatly enrich the tourists participation this will powerfully promote the core competencies of the children's paradise.

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