Small and medium-sized children's park how to better development

2019 - 11 - 07 09:09:47

the children's park with the development of commercial real estate development. Big adventure playground in addition to geographical advantage and the advantage of abundant funds, this is bound at the time of optional equipment will be more complete, would be more handy, hiring and training of personnel is both small and medium-sized children's paradise. Survival of large children's paradise has obvious, so how the small and medium-sized children's park to blossom in commercial real estate and the land under the situation of survival and prosperity?

children paradise generally choose to open in a few class business district: department store or shopping centre, such as wanda plaza, wangfujing department store, etc. ; Large stores, such as carrefour, wal-mart, Dennis and other large supermarket; Community; Early education center, etc. Usually we recommend more department store, shopping center or large stores, if you choose the community, unless community particularly popular, and traffic is guaranteed, this need combined with the actual situation of local investors to measure. And work with store usually have rent and associated deduct points in two ways, if market rents are cheaper and popular, as rent. If investors were unsure of market sentiment, then point of way will be more insurance. Survival of large children's paradise has obvious, so how the small and medium-sized children's park to blossom in commercial real estate and the land under the situation of survival and prosperity? From the perspective of the direction of large, large commercial real estate will be carried out in a second-tier cities, three or four line city has not been involved and for entrepreneurs or businessmen, can combine three or four line city commercial real estate project of children's playground, this is with big adventure playground complementary on the geographical advantage. Rather than competition, the second on the geographical advantage is in the center of a second-tier cities of the surrounding city or area to form brand.

the funds from the capital into consideration standing in perspective of large children's paradise of medium-sized children's park, they are rich and others also accounted for a good location, all know business is from one project to another project, from get a customer to two customers, even with may and erosion. More money, more money in the practice of little less money, as long as the money is likely to be in the rising beyond, I believe that this is the dream of most small and medium-sized children's paradise merchants. Equipment every urban areas must be currently has several children's paradise, quality is uneven. There are also software of electric and traditional naughty castle.

now with the improvement of people's living standard, people more and more is also high to the requirement of the quality of life, higher income groups are willing to put the child in the class is high some of the children's park to play, because the good image of high quality amusement equipment, high quality, can maintain the park high-end image, for a long time and high quality of amusement equipment the normal operation of the store, and keep the appeal to children. Investors also need not cost a lot of energy to maintain the equipment, saving time save energy!

management mode of operation management of children's park is interlinked, a manager is responsible for the global, including administrative, personnel arrangement and arrangement of the transaction after inspection, formulate rules and regulations and standards, and top leaders reflect market marketing planning and execution, cashiers, waiters, maintenance engineer, according to the size of the children's playground, a person can also, so we need a children's paradise several post staff, each post to a different division of labor, the manager need to list the responsibilities of each position, and supervise the personnel do, according to the requirements in this small children garden can draw lessons from large way: 1, active cordial service quality gives vitality to paradise clever; 2, the standardized management to ensure sustained profitability of paradise.

is the main reason of the children's playground unprofitable projects is too single, children have been to a few basic just had grown just don't want to go, and children playing, parents don't know what to do there parents will feel very boring, such a paradise general child played a few times the child would not go to, the parents are not willing to take him to, buy by the month card or a card is put in the home. Both models do difficult to survive, it is a period of about 300 square before do join the children's park is going down. Invest in a well-run products collocation in children's park should be a combination of static and dynamic.

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