Small amusement equipment safety standards

2019 - 10 - 20 08:42:06

To strengthen the safety management of the small amusement equipment, 'small amusement equipment safety standards in the city recently identified promoted to mandatory local standards. Square amusement equipment standard all preparation work will be all over in December this year.     It is reported, 'small amusement equipment safety standards are divided into' basic needs ', 'set, installation and acceptance requirements' and 'demand' of operation and management of three parts. At present, the amended the first part has been finished and will be entered into the phase of consultation. And the second part and the third part is included in the next batch of local standards, will be issued at the end of December this year. At the same time, the city pledges inspect bureau released files, make sure to small amusement equipment safety standards promoted to mandatory local standards.     According to reporter understanding, recently the city greening department notice, need each district and county greening department in park amusement equipment safety checks, screening amusement equipment safe hidden trouble.
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