Small amusement equipment maintenance

2019 - 09 - 06 09:42:35

light new small amusement equipment maintenance in addition, note that the modern new amusement products, most of the structure is more complex, more contain components. Relevant personnel in the process of inspection, can not blindly pursue speed, but should pay attention to the overall efficiency and quality, reduce the probability of abnormal. Amusement equipment, species diversity, different materials of different specifications of the equipment, its maintenance method is different also. The following segmentation for everyone on the correct maintenance of the different material corresponding method. A: plastic parts and glass fiber, usable soap water, washing, bleaching, such as dilution after soaking, brush with a soft cloth or soft scrub, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, dry or dry with a clean cloth. Part 2: software sponge can use soft cloth with soap water scrub, or placed in the sunlight. Three: wet resistance, good thermal endurance, colorfast wooden parts, usable soap bubble after washing to dry. Amusement equipment to upgrade to do? Equipment maintenance and maintenance is also important! Four: metal parts if asked to rust, usable brush to floating rust, wipe with dry cloth; Colorless sanhe after exposure in the sun, can buy brand paint flowing about 20 cm distance, while Saul again, after being dry spray again, protection. Paint all dry again after cleaning, dry. Part five: electrical circuit when cleaning, first make sure blackouts, water is forbidden, generally scrub with wet cloth, wait for dry after appearing to turn on the juice.

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