Should be in accordance with the safety procedure check children's amusement facilities operation each link


For the expansion of the children's amusement facilities equipment to set up a set of strict maintenance system. Each device shall be protected by one or two people, everyone should be in accordance with the safety procedure and check every link of operation, and sign the names of the relevant personnel, to implement specific head, and in practical ways. 。 In particular, the development of high altitude children equipment must be checked before each use. Should regularly check the joint (each month To protect the wire rope end and at the ends of the wire rope, cable all screw joint) , the problem should be replaced in a timely manner; Need to improve the regular inspection and registration system, to ensure the safety of the children's amusement facilities.

  Pay attention to the cleaning equipment. Contaminated equipment should be clear in time. Should be clear in time, for example, training belt, rope, helmets and wire for future use. Also, you need to retain some of the necessary equipment, including lubricant, and some equipment replacement. For the difficulty of higher specialized equipment, it is necessary to ask professional personnel, children's amusement facilities development manufacturer to send professional and technical personnel for maintenance.

  1. As far as possible to reduce the harmful factors

& emsp;   ( 1) Gap external channel, through equipment parts, such as reducing into the equipment within the various types of corrosion, such as rain, and the chemicals in the air, etc.

  ( 2) Safety clothing, rainbow rope net devices such as flammable, banning the use of fireworks.

  2. To eliminate the influence of the artificial damage

& emsp;   ( 1) In the use of power line, static line and auxiliary line, someone will step on the rope. If the string is pressed, the prismatic shape or sand will enter a rope. After the cord compression, internal will be wear and will lead to safety.

  ( 2) Gently operation locking device should be in the process of operation, in order to avoid collisions and throwing, because locking device in the internal change impact.

  ( 3) Should gently helmet operation, so as to avoid collisions and damaged.

  3. Children's amusement facilities exceeded storage rules

& emsp;   ( 1) Equipment must clearly deduct, head of the name, quantity, time, your name and return.

  ( 2) Back device, check the quantity is accurate. Regular replacement of damaged and unsafe children's amusement facilities

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