Shock! ! ! The cause of the poor running amusement equipment business

09 - 17 09:21:00

in the process of management of the royal carriage amusement equipment, some amusement park operators feel business is worse than others, and even for some hard, this do? Want to stand out from the difficult position, must want to find where is the reason for difficulties in their first, and then try to adjust and improve can eventually solve the problem. Small make up today for you to explore the reason of difference of amusement equipment business.

'is the governor of your diligence, the situation of detention'. Do everything in hard work, not affected by environmental restrictions. Presence at an amusement park amusement equipment royal carriage, can only see other people's business is good but not the other pay the sweat; Even if the position of others is better than his own, the most is the starting point higher than themselves, the environmental impact of again big also ratio not pay their own diligence. Maintain a clean and tidy of the royal carriage amusement equipment, on time to do maintenance overhaul, do some time card on card and promotions, intensify propaganda, is sure to change the status quo.

'herd mentality, bad out of these'. Don't see what others do oneself also follow to do, is not to say that others do is bad, but to look at the others why do that, the purpose of good method to draw lessons from, of course, but many others are in the same time the same place to do the same thing, if you would follow the results are better than others, is clearly not, their only path to get better results. Like everyone else in the month card card, this is a long-term sales promotion behavior, must draw lessons from. And don't follow like depreciate sales promotion, down a vicious competition for a long time, each operator can't make a few money, survival is the whole amusement park amusement equipment royal carriage. Can joint and nearby shopping malls supermarkets, playground to do some month card to send gift CARDS, shopping in the supermarket to do some shopping full send playground activities month card or a card has merit.
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