Set sail airplane bumper cars, you've never seen seen aircraft bumper cars

2019 - 08 - 26 16:46:50

in this society with fast rhythm, slow down, stop, take time to enjoy life, life is just a few decades, so a few years the growth of children, spend more time with children, the child is the center of a home, so spend more time with children, took the child to the square at the weekend recreation, entertainment, so much happiness. Today the key to introduce an amusement equipment out of the sail set sail airplane bumper car

airplane bumper cars, is the popular style this year, the appearance of the very realistic modelling, double seat, car lights, dazzling and dazzing, attracted a lot of children play, operation sites and optional wide, can play as long as it is flat on the ground. New bumper car by children like sailing plane, the bumper car in the plane design, lighting configuration luxury, unique lights ablaze, popular children's favorite, square in the night market stalls have set sail airplane bumper car is a popular, every day's flight number is full? Set the plane before and after the bumper car is a double seat, parents and children can be independent, interesting fun. All over the country every night of the city square, the amusement place, everywhere bumper car style is very much also.

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