Select amusement equipment only two simple steps

2019 - 09 - 14 10:58:57

with the face of national economic policy, our country in recent years the development of cultural tourism industry in full swing, amusement equipment manufacturer, advancing with The Times, blaze new trails, large, medium and small play equipment to come on stage, every few days will produce a new kind of amusement equipment, combined with classic playground equipment before, thousands of amusement equipment on the market. Especially the large-scale amusement equipment is expensive, more carefully when buy, the amusement equipment chosen? Only two simple steps:

& emsp;   1, determine the device type and quantity according to the field, including types of pleasure grounds and playground area size.     (1) according to the site location can be divided into indoor playground and outdoor playground, indoor playground choose indoor playground equipment, outdoor playground optional outdoor playground equipment, some small and medium-sized indoor/outdoor playground equipment can be put on, this will be optional.     (2) according to the tourists age also can be divided into the children's playground, adult playground, parent-child family amusement center, corresponding to the children's playground equipment, adult amusement equipment, parent-child play equipment, playground is now integrated parent-child amusement park, pay attention to experience, adult children play together.     (3) area of the playground equipment may also be affected, the choice of a few hundred square meters and thousands of square meters of the amusement park, playground, thousands of square meters to tens of thousands of square meters space structure layout, the amusement facilities inside large gap.     2, to choose is big brand amusement equipment & emsp;   Purchasing amusement equipment, a price a points goods, brand manufacturers for it! Brand amusement equipment manufacturers of products more reliable, this in fact everybody all know in my heart, just to hold industry stirring stick - — Fake amusement equipment producers round of another round of 'bargain' bombing, hence when the fool!     Later found that the quality of their amusement equipment is not the quality, service no service, even the security cannot be guaranteed, and three days two head is out of order, it is a waste. Also is a waste, in the end most amusement park operator if left off, looking for the big brands amusement equipment businesses to purchase. Though better late than never, but cost money, waste of time to look for who want to go? Losing money with time is lucky, because those inferior amusement equipment operation to tourists casualties playground, what to do & emsp;   Amusement facilities, better than other amusement park has a close relationship with income and operation safety, so both large-scale amusement equipment, or small to medium sized amusement equipment, rather than expensive, also should choose brand manufacturers products.

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