Scientifically proven electric naughty castle will help promote the development of children's memory

< p > scientifically proven electric will facilitate the development of children's memory, naughty fort in the growth process, is a learning process, must learn many things, and then contribute an own strength to the society, and all this needs a very good start to develop our ability to more, so to develop from early childhood. < / p > < p > a child need to do some more training game, because by playing games, children can improve many aspects of memory, to help it grow up quickly, through games, consolidate their memories, through games, make oneself can actively, consciously and purposefully to learn the game rules and many of the necessary skills. , our life is very short, everything needs to be a good start, in childhood, so you need to cultivate the ability to play a lot, interest, make oneself have a purpose to remember some of the story, and so on. Medium is the main activity of pre-school children, game is the best way to promote children's all-round development. < / p > < p > children only know the environment in the game, to enrich their knowledge and FaXie activity ability. Note, however, when choose puzzles for children, for example, must choose design simple, block is larger, quantity is less, a hard. Otherwise, let the children do not know so, children will lose interest soon. Had better choose design familiar cartoon character for children or favorite traffic tools, such as pleasant goat, bears, sponge, etc.

A. To learn more about the indoor playground equipment < p > (1) to understand the types of children's playground equipment, children's playground equipment including children naughty fort combination, air fort in the portfolio includes electric naughty fort equipment, ball pool, swimming, building blocks, trampoline, etc. ; Video amusement equipment includes parent-child games for children puzzle game consoles, etc. ; Children stand game equipment including catch fish; And the same only handmade combination; Children's park management system including naughty fort management system; Children's amusement affiliate products, including image animation doll play, animated sculpture, etc. < / p > < p > (2) to understand the characteristics of children's playground equipment ( The advantages and disadvantages) Some belong to the electronic equipment: equipment, some of them are machinery and equipment, to understand its use, screen size, load voltage, parts, components which; What maintenance attention in the process of operation, simple operation process, how to guide the consumer customers, etc. < / p > < p > (3) understand the children's playground equipment: the price of the land of the equipment and other products, to circulate on the market, manufacturers, merchants publicly selling prices, wholesale prices and peer management etc. But because the playground equipment in the whole market prices are not very transparent, there are likely to be imported and domestic products of the same type distinction between different manufacturers of quality is different, different manufacturers of after-sales service is different also, so the price is different also. < / p > < p > (4) understand the children's playground equipment of word of mouth: children's park site planning and indoor adventure playground equipment word-of-mouth divided into performance and playability, playground equipment new products if performance is not good, look very bad may soon be eliminated by production enterprises; Playability in different areas, because local culture and taste different, there are considerable differences too. < / p > B。 Understand the children's playground equipment suppliers < p style = 'background: # FFFFFF; 文本- - - - - - indent:0pt; '> children's park operator purchasing playground equipment, naughty fort basic video products belong to the one-time procurement; Does not exist the possibility of replacing, so must focus on selected products supplier, supplier atmosphere distributor company and naughty fort manufacturers. Understand the children's playground equipment manufacturer appraised from the following several aspects: < / p > < p > (1) to understand the background of the children's playground equipment supplier qualification: other products supplier, children's playground equipment suppliers amount is uneven; We want to learn more about the background of the supplier, when to start is engaged in the industry, real size, but by the time the workers; Also want to see what does the supplier have a formal business qualification or certificate of honor; Such as business license, franchise license, the good faith enterprise, etc. If you have factory to on-the-spot investigation, see the best. Or stores or outside its franchisees can go to see, because such as the operator can direct reference to children's park manufacturer's marketing strategy and method of operation and management to shorten the time of the operator. < / p > < p > (2) understand the children's playground equipment suppliers of the product price: the supplier of the price of the product under the condition of the product quality is the same price than three, if the quality of the products is different, understand the price of the product shall be demonstrated. Understand the supplier's terms of the after-sales service, after-sales service terms generally reflected in the order contract, cushion products appear small problems cannot be avoided, the reasons are various, such as improper use, transportation damage, the defect of production materials, etc. So after sales terms must be agreed upon. In terms of equipment procurement, we should to the quality first, price second, from the decision-making train of thought of purchasing, know the 'shop around', 'a penny a points goods'. Electric naughty castle park covers an area of indoor is not big, generally a park put two or three electric is about the same. Such as plastic slide, time travel, angry birds, octopus, tiangong 1, harmony, cannon of modelling of electric naughty fort, naughty fort through various processing equipment, so the product safety, environmental protection material, can be at ease children's amusement. < / p >
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