Scaffolding swimming pool entertainment matters needing attention

2020 - 01 - 07 09:12:48

children water rides midsummer is coming, and swimming the mass entertainment project nature is popular, tong qu park amusement equipment manufacturer in the close to remind, the summer when the scaffolding to paddle pool to recommend some precautions: A, bring your own swimming. In the swimming pool to stent or other aquatic amusement world entertainment facilities, it is best to bring their own play swimming appliances, as far as possible don't and others used interchangeably or public swimming, so as to avoid accidents such as an infected skin diseases. B, selecting good swimming pool. Under normal circumstances, stent pool edge can smell light chlorine gas. If there is excessive stents pool residual chlorine will have strong excitant smell, low residual chlorine smell smell smell. Light can be. B, swimming comfort. Swimming while you can mold physique, physical exercise, promote health of body and mind, but in moderation. Excessive greed cool swimming laps may cause tired, depressed, poor appetite, etc. D, into the pool. Before entering the stent swimming pool, to do warm-up exercise, activities of tibia, avoid cramps. After a pool of water, wash bath in time, ensure the body skin clean. F, children need attention. Nature naughty and lively children, swimming in the swimming pool must have adult care, lest

accident situation, improve safety awareness!

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