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inflatable battery car rides: is used for business purposes, to run in a closed area, carrying tourists amusement facilities. With the development of science, the progress of the society, the modern amusement machine and amusement facilities fully use the machinery, electricity, light, sound, water, power and other advanced technology, more interesting and informative, scientific and thrilling, loved by the majority of teenagers, children generally. To enrich people's entertainment life, people's health edify people's sentiment, beautify the urban environment, has played a positive role. Types of rides. There are many different kinds of modern amusement facilities and structure and the movement type, all kinds of specifications size difference, style each has his strong point. Now rides on the basis of movement characteristics will be divided into 13 categories, namely: the carousel, taxi, gyro, flight tower, racing, control plane, ferris wheel, small train, aerial touring, photoelectric target, aquatic amusement facilities, bumper cars, battery cars, such as a total of 15 main standards. Amusement equipment safe use. Safety in recreation amusement. When using the amusement facilities should pay attention to: 1. Pay attention to safety inspection marks: according to the regulations of the state, with amusement and recreation facilities regular inspection cycle is one year, all who pass by safety inspection amusement facilities, issued by quality and technical supervision department safety inspection marks, and paste in striking place amusement facilities, visitors not to take not inspection, inspection is unqualified, or are not check rides. Pay attention to take notes: in the amusement facilities marked place installed 'passenger information', to read it carefully again after, do not climb over the fence. On the front passenger must wait outside in the security fence, volunteer to line up, people must not go over the fence. Young children to parents: no children take rides alone. Listen to service personnel command: passengers up and down according to the command order of staff. When boarding, please pay attention to the head and feet, so as not to knock against or falling. Fasten your seat belt: before moving amusement facilities don't rob grabbed, fasten your seat belt when you ride, check to see that the safe and reliable, his hands clenched as it runs safety handle or other safety devices, safety belt must not be solved. Do not the outside parts of the body: all passengers amusement facilities, positive posture to sit in the seat, don't move, must not reach out her hands and feet, head, etc to the tank, in order to avoid bruising, scratches and bruises. Do not deliberately shake the cockpit, passengers are strictly prohibited to open doors. Don't stand photo: amusement facilities in operation, must not optional stand or crouch, more are not allowed to take pictures in the running. Pay attention to keep their own items: run, should be properly kept good carry-on luggage, scattered, throwing into, easy to fall decorations, please take off in advance. Don't panic when something unexpected: amusement facilities in operation, such as power failure, before staff did not notice, don't get off, only hold here is the safest, waiting for emergency relief. Ride in car racing, go-kart should be careful: don't wear coat on car racing, go-kart, wai long scarf, with long hair or long plait, or dangerous. Water entertainment to prevent accidental: around the pool and made waves pool, be careful not to head to where the water inlet and water, to prevent accidents. Play water slides should pay attention to safety, it is strictly prohibited standing, squatting on the ramp set or upside down; In the same way to ban two people at the same time or immediately before and after falling; Should leave quickly after into the water, to avoid a collision.

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