Rides the innovation promote the competitiveness of the playground

2019 - 10 - 28 08:01:39

in the children's park industry increasingly competitive environment, the park operator in order to contend for have a place in the cruel market environment, are constantly breakthrough innovation, in order to attract more customers. The core competencies of the children's park include amusement programs and services, today we take a look at how to paradise rides through innovation, improving competitiveness.

a, know equipment development trend.

in order to research the market demand as the starting point, within the scope of the target area on amusement project status is analyzed, the results and laws after summarizing the characteristics of the market demand, understand the market more popular with the masses of tourists attractions, stand for park innovation provides powerful help.

2, creative combination of devices.

in the children's amusement industry, especially one innovation project, the portfolio of different is the method of lower cost, easier to complete. It contains different rides the combination of internal, also involve a combination of distinctive differences between rides, after that constitute the new children's amusement experience goods, but this combination demands not only novel, unique, comfortable, and utility function area and the allocation is in order.

three, foils with park environment product features.

paradise atmosphere has an important influence to show the attraction of the amusement programs. Atmosphere usually there are two aspects of the problem. First, the environment atmosphere relatively old. For a longer operating life of the floor, walls, glass present aging children's paradise, change after the floor tile, metope paint, playground nearby rest seat from scratch and resettlement and amusement field of free places from design to all the environmental progress, building new amusement atmosphere, playground to complete all the updates. Second, the atmosphere is relatively drab. Many playgroups, do not pay attention to the environment, relatively drab, at this point can be combined with the project's own characteristics, building a unique environment atmosphere, let a person feel the immersive.

4, add players to experience the equipment.

participation and experience is the center of the children's amusement project features. In amusement set different aspects of the project, project about some tourists participatory weaker, for amusement project planning game, into the rides in the game link, strengthen tourist participation, continuously made different experience, to improve children's the attraction of the amusement programs.

5, adapt to update equipment.

for children's park project life cycle is shorter, the hardware equipment selection is relatively fast, this will require a timely update equipment; And equipment updating is not only the old for new, but to constantly introduce new children's amusement equipment. But update hardware devices need to increase investment, so this kind of set a vision it is necessary to establish scientific analysis on the new equipment and speculation.

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