Purple misty dreamy kingdom castle

Beautiful purple clothes, wearing a spring morning in the corolla blooming fairy with a hazy and wonderland dream castle through the clouds and come from a far country. Dream castle sent a beautiful flower fairy like purple, and in the heart of a child into a bunch of light, the light dense purple, fill the naive, joy and happiness. Colourful dream castle kingdom designers drainage trend in the world, and using the different region amorous feelings, according to the children like to drill, climbing, sliding, jump, climb, roll, roll and other characteristics, designed combined with fun and artistic adornment, with safety, randomness, not stick to one pattern, interactive and dynamic characteristics, through the stereo, the ingenious combination of science and form with amusement, sports, fun, fitness, educational, and multiple functions of a new generation of activity. Everyone is yearning for fashion life, bring your child to tide dream of paradise. You see, in their thoughts out of your STAY. EPP blocks paradise of the 3322 children in thinking about their own what to do next, you see the girl frowned as if to say again, this how to more perfect. Ha, ha, ha. 。 。 。 。 。 Clap your hands in the distance there was a burst of laughter, and waves of sound, as if to say hello, this is so beautiful. Like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, thousands of critics, pear tree. As millions of ocean ball pool, and not too much. Can imagine to play on the millions of ocean ball slide, touch your ball, trampoline is a kind of feeling? Bouncing goal 'sea', feel the thrill of the ball 'sea' package. Drop from big slide in the ball pool, roam in the ball pool, hide and seek. We are all a recruit people love, across the barriers, climb to the peak, that kind of happy feeling like exam a percentage holding share happy feelings with their parents. For a fallen flowers, create happiness for you. No matter when and where, the child's dream, yes; There is children, some dreams. We are waiting for you. 。 。 < p > < / p >
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