Prolong the service life of amusement equipment have skills! Do you want to know?

2019 - 10 - 14 14:13:30

well known in the city of Vienna's Leopold ferris wheel, it was founded in 1897, has been running more than 100 years, is still in operation, and become a local famous attractions, it is not only witnessed the development of the city, as well as the importance of amusement equipment maintenance work provides a vivid instance. Practice has proved that good maintenance can effectively prolong the actual service life of amusement equipment, on the premise of ensuring the safe operation of the equipment, decrease the cost of profits. Amusement equipment maintenance work has the following several aspects:

1, timely inspection on equipment maintenance, easy to solve in time when problems found. Most other amusement equipment belonging to the mechanical equipment, once the erosion by rain and snow, or other bad weather, it is easy to appear abnormal. So want to do a good job of shelter from the snow, if the presence of water on amusement equipment need to exclude the water clean. If is long do not use the equipment, shall be properly kept in ventilated not damp places, in case the equipment non-artificial damage. Equipment storage is to prevent the rat bug eat by moth, storage room of the insecticide of work to do. 2, amusement equipment, glass fiber reinforced plastic and metal materials are mostly plastic. We can when cleaning plastic and glass fiber reinforced plastic, with soap and water, disinfection, washing powder, bleaching powder, such as after dilution covered, with a soft cloth or soft brush, then rinse off with clear water. Metal parts if you want to rust removal, you can use the brush to floating rust, wipe with dry cloth; After exposure in the sun, can spray paint again, after being dry spray again, protection. To paint the whole dry again after cleaning, drying and sterilization. Circuit part in cleaning, it is important to ensure that power cuts, with twist not water wet cloth scrub, after being dried on the power again. 3, equipment for maintenance and be sure to check the connection parts frequently active connection is strong, metal, electrical circuit and the common parts have damaged, all the parts can't leave spike part so as not to leave a safe hidden trouble. When found serious security issues, to stop the operation, so as not to cause the occurrence of safety accidents. Maintenance is not like amusement equipment repair or reconstruction equipment safety management need to obtain national or provincial species distribution license qualifications, but maintenance personnel to be trained and test and need to obtain the status of special equipment operating personnel, for operational use units to launch amusement facilities maintenance work, 'amusement facilities and supervision regulations' requirement operation using unit shall, in accordance with requirements of the safety technical specification with operation with the corresponding qualification personnel, tools and equipment required. 1, if a new kind of amusement equipment in rainy weather, it is best to use block rain gear will cover new amusement equipment, lest time is too long, the phenomenon of the corrosion. If the device into the water, the different parts to adopt different methods for processing, get rid of the rain as soon as possible. 2, regular inspection on amusement equipment, if it is found that failure to timely maintenance! 3, when found serious security issues, to stop the operation, so as not to cause the occurrence of safety accidents. 4, regularly for equipment maintenance, cleaning, etc.

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