Production of gas storage battery cover

2019 - 10 - 03 08:16:25

with the implementation of the two-child policy, various commercial programs for children, have entered the outbreak period, children's amusement equipment, inflatable storage battery is no exception. A lot of people are the target market, began to study children's amusement equipment, want to find a the most money amusement equipment. But for the understanding of the market is not accurate, unfamiliar to the industry, often make money you'll miss out on real devices. First of all, the new amusement equipment, inflatable storage battery are like children. The characteristics of children's curiosity, a see what fun, new equipment, will want to play. So the new equipment, has great attraction for children. In addition, the new competition degree of equipment, equipment popularity is not high, so the whole city is a very likely you such equipment, almost no competitors.

secondly, children like interactive devices. Interactive devices, tend to be suitable for older children, children under the age of five, unable to free to play, so the interactive features can reflect not to come out. , of course, if parents to play together, and guidance, also can have good results. Interactivity is to inspire children interest, and once this interest stimulated, will last for a long time, so there will be a lot of old customers, to play over and over again. Like children playing a game can be played for a long time.

finally, safety, good quality equipment the most money. All amusement equipment, safety first, and equipment quality is better. If the device is always a problem, time is used in the maintenance, then will have great influence to benefit. Gas storage battery charging standard for every 10 minutes, 20 yuan/times, according to business 20 times a day, each car operation sites a bumper car, the income of each month for 10 yuan/time * * 20 times/day for 30 days = 6000 yuan/month, then calculated on business 8 months each year, total revenue of 6000 yuan/month of the year * 8 months = 48000 yuan. Holidays and weekend business is more hot, economic benefit is very high. Business management children tanks bumper cars for cash, no debt, no stores, not to decorate, open Spaces, the rent is low, secrete business, there is no competition.
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