Please cherish it like children's amusement equipment, childlike innocence

2019 - 03 - 11 15:11:52

after a day off is the first day of the week, no matter how to want to everywhere in the first day should be full of joy, but in passing the mall yesterday indoor amusement park passive heard there was a treasure mother poking fun at 'baby love play tea party'.

when professional curiosity prompted me to quietly stood there listening to the mother's treasure for the children's amusement equipment, to attract the children's worry. In treasure everyone holding her mother were poking fun at the kung fu chatter began a word, there is a slightly older treasure my mother said: 'if the kids are too lust amusement equipment, so that waste need how many money? 吗? 吗? '

now we all know that social economy brings a well-fed life, most people with wage growth is more and more people like to live in the square out of residential housing with the land. More and more land is covered by cement, more and more extracurricular time replaced by refresher course. We will keep the children with the ethos of our society to develop habits, but this is a flawless diamond in the child, but just like to let them have the amber enrichment. Parents for children play in children's amusement equipment generally heart what OS performance? 1. Periphery has been shouted in anxious tone of children in the amusement park 2. There is a rush called: next time I must let you in the day, we first. 。 。 。 3. 'Mom, I want to play' 4 'play what play a waste of money'. Rapid development of society has to get the kids to excessive trapped inside, they grow in the process of a variety of diverse psychological and curiosity can't vent, we are deprived of the opportunity they embrace nature, to protect them to release the desire of the tong zhen.

as a source of amusement equipment manufacturer, we produce design is the starting point of children's amusement equipment for children everywhere in utilitarian social comparison they should have childlike innocence of the world.

now how many children like to stay at home and watch it, like sitting in front of the TV watching content does not view the animation. We can when I was a child is naughty boy in the woods, fields, development regime go just because natural conditions, we came into being with the heart that protect tong zhen design produce many moral good, divergence of cultivation of children's amusement equipment and playground design planning. We from the child's psychological perspective to the children's world is not contaminated by our social habits. We know we are good enough, but again afraid we are not good enough, afraid of more fresh, you would look away. So even the possibility of one over one hundred thousand, I will be more efforts to be the best choice for you to release the childlike innocence.
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