Please! Away from the mobile computer amusement equipment playground is the children's heaven and earth

2019 - 10 - 22 16:26:50

now we will find more and more children have to move from the front of the television screen to the phone before a computer screen, as is known to all mobile phone computer have radiation to play for a long time is bad to the body, moreover is the body is still not fully development of children, more harmful and play mobile phone computer for a long time the most direct and most likely to cause eye myopia, moreover is not what is the child mind. Some of the children will be addicted to the Internet amusement, resulting in learning and life are affected, and even affect the life. So let's think of some way to let the child play less mobile computers, that is the children from the mobile computer to amusement park, let the children from playing mobile computer have been happy to amusement equipment, let the children well to play with.
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