Playground prime-time business analysis

2019 - 12 - 21 08:42:59

in the day-to-day operations, often have dealers reflect a time my wife little traffic problems, request the company to provide business planning scheme. Therefore, amusement, business prime-time problem for the following analysis.

a, store openings:

& emsp; As is known to all, is to improve the children's park has opened the first step of awareness, also gathered popularity of opportunity, but a lot of shopkeepers are ignored this, simple hastily opened, not to children's park stores information effectively convey go out, this is also the most easily overlooked by dealers. In the opening preparation to basic situation of the playground, to inform the local customers, such as opening time and opening discount, practice activities, intensify propaganda, to shops later lay a good foundation for the operation and development.

2, summer and winter vacations and holidays:

& emsp; In general, the student summer and winter vacations and holidays off is the best time in amusement park business, because only when the children have plenty of time to come over to play. Coincides with the general holidays such as children, children's park can organize family general mobilization family entertainment, promote family feelings, feel the warmth of the home, warm and sense of belonging to paradise.

three, weekend:

& emsp; Popular holiday weekend children, parents, rest, paradise is to everyone. So in addition to these to do health, services, security, shall be timely held over the weekend, some favourable activity or entertainment may refer to hot variety show parent-child activities, or a weekend in discounts, etc. To ease parents and children to play, study, work pressure, be good to release, blissfully unaware, thereby recycling consumption.

4, the best time of day two:

& emsp; 1. 9 to 11 o 'clock in the morning: preschool children, unlike adults, usually wake up early, for the sake of the children's health parents will take their children out activities at this moment, and the children's park is a good choice, equipment, a playmate, meet the child dating, climbing, running, jumping and so on demand. So, how to let them every morning to your children's paradise? Operators can launch parent-child mobile amusement equipment, such as, parent-child bumper cars, garden small train, etc. , the appeal to parents and children to participate.

2。 At 7 PM and 10 PM: this is the most prosperous period of the day, this time is the parents with children go out for a walk after the meal after work to play time. If the site is in the supermarket, this also is the parents like to go to the supermarket shopping time, generally choose the children to play. This time, the park can make some small group games attract parents and children to play in the park, let of parent-child interaction and get a good exercising after a meal, bring good memories to customers, to make a better impression.

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