Playground how effective configuration for extending the time

2020 - 01 - 07 11:16:45

according to effective, increasing number of children's theme park in China every year, and the continuous high-speed growth. These sites, the management mode in plain naughty castle or naughty fort + children or children pure machine this three ways is given priority to, basically adopts a revenue model.

however, as long as careful observation, children in the emerging field of quite a number of businesses in unsustainable soon a difficult situation. Eventually closed silently, sweeping is not in the minority. Is the main cause of this situation, the membership management usually in after tide situation before, after the prophase of novelty, no product update, the change of the pattern, the member no longer contract, directly led to the decline. How to let consumers continue to come, is the problem of children's games have to think about.

at present, the children's playground is not a business will earn, data show that at present, the children's playground profit-making business accounted for 53%, loss of business accounted for 21%, and real earnings management, accounts for only 26%, visible, children's playground want to earn money, a lot of things must pay attention to.

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