Playground equipment safety standards


1。 Safety insurance measures amusement facilities run by people in the air, the whole structure should be solid and reliable, and its important components appropriate insurance measures. Hanging by one part number of wire rope or chain used shall not be less than two. Connection part and reclined at the table, to maintain good balance when you should consider a disconnected. Apart from the ground 1 m or more closed the door of the cockpit, must be set by people inside can't open the two locking device or a locking device with insurance. Import and export of the closed cabin LanDang, locking device also should take the insurance. When amusement facilities in operation, power supply suddenly loses power or equipment failure, harming by people, must be equipped with automatic or manual emergency stop device. Rides in running after failure occurs, should be bear by the measures. 2. By people when run amusement facilities, security constrained device by people are likely to take things in movement, collision or when they will be left out, smooth out must have by one unit. To greater danger of amusement facilities, if necessary, set the bondage of two separate devices should be considered. Can use your seat belt, safety pressure bar, bar, etc. Constrained device: should be reliable, comfortable, and by direct contact with the components with the proper softness. Constrained device design should be able to prevent a certain parts be task or crushed, should be easy to adjust, easy to operate. Seat belts: can be separately used in slight swing or lift speed slower, not flip not be left out in the dangerous facilities, the use of seat belts shall generally be equipped with auxiliary handle. The sports facilities, seat belts can be used as an auxiliary device. Safety pressure bar: amusement facilities is running, may lead to take a person be left out of the danger, you must set up corresponding pressure bar type of security; Safety pressure bar itself must have sufficient strength and clamping force, ensure that visitors don't be left out or drop down, and always is locked in front of the equipment to stop running. Safety requirements for safety fence, platform security fences should be separately set import and export, the inlet should be set up to guide the fence. The platform should have slippery measure. Security gate open direction should be consistent with by people marching direction ( Except special case) 。 In order to prevent harm the personnel's hand when closed, the door frame and the gap between the post should be appropriate, or other protective measures. Run side by side of amusement facilities, by one part of import and export platform should not higher than 300 mm. Other amusement facilities in one part of the import and export from the height of the platform, should be easy to up and down. 4. Other security requirements amusement facilities should be in place and part of the necessary to set up eye-catching safety sign. Safety sign of forbidden sign ( Red) And warning signs ( Yellow) And instructions ( Blue) , indication marks ( Green) Such as four types. All passengers can touch place, there is no leakage of the cutting edges, burrs and sharp edges, dangerous protrusions, etc. Rides through the culvert, the female surface should be not easy to fall off material, decoration, etc. Shall be fixed tightly.

take part must mark the number of complement, it is strictly prohibited to overload running.

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