Play bumper car can release pressure

2020 - 03 - 20 14:38:28

play bumper car bumper car is a kind of amusement equipment can release pressure and temperature is also a kind of the best way to find, bumper cars and children's heart forever ideal companion, bumper car owners usually rent a fixed place, the ground can be marble ground, also can be terrazzo floor, but it can be is a cement floor, just realistic flat on the ground. Bumper car owners often to the bumper car factory inspection, the actual performance of the bumper car after confirmed the bumper cars related issues, will buy down, in general, bumper car owners will buy 10 units, and of course it mainly depends on temperature field to determine the size of the operator, buy bumper car, bumper car operator will put the bumper cars on a site, for a rider and collide with each other, driving bumper cars generally there are ten kinds of color, of course, as a venue operators, it is best not to put too many styles of bumper cars on a site, it looks relatively will be some, is the best can choose a kind of fashion, a few kinds of color more. Bumper car is a hands-on equipment, tourists driving in person, touch, rub, left, right, the creeping is exciting, can be in play, full vent in the heart collision, or enjoy a bumper car the thrill of

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