Parent-child outdoor development


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life pressure is more and more big, the children and their parents is a less and less, parent-child activities through parent-child activity of communication between groups, enhance the family, the children's life field, let their children at home long cooperate and get in touch with nature under the guidance of teachers, promote the feelings between teachers, parents and children, in order to improve the quality of class education, to enhance transparency and trust between the school and better development of children's social communication ability.

1, provide first-class service for family, and education guidance.

2, help parents to build communication, communication between parents and children, so as to promote the healthy growth of children's atmosphere.

3, improve the parents and the concept of scientific parenting skills, promote the healthy growth of children.

4, guide the parents and children have interest parent-child game activities, make the child in the joy of the game a long body, open mind.

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