Outdoor project analysis

< p > parent-child paradise of non-standard amusement equipment of double attributes of both cultural creativity and special equipment manufacturing industry, so as people living standard enhancement and entertainment demand increasingly diverse, amusement facilities contained also were asked to enrich the content. Non-standard amusement equipment, creativity and design play a more and more important role to the industry development. Traditional large amusement facilities bring people stimulation has not fully meet all types of consumer demand, the future large outdoor amusement equipment on creative and design to the direction of individuation, theme and the development trend of gradually clear. < / p > < p > new venture to explore children's outdoor play children entertainment at an organic whole, good for children's comprehensive quality improvement. Rope net compounds in the rope net and steel structure, on the basis of the main supplemented by all kinds of auxiliary materials and functional materials, a variety of activities, and with rich professional theoretical guidance and detailed case reference, better promote the development of outdoor activity. Innocent and lively children like to run, drill, slide, turn, roll, turn, climb, swaying, swing, jumping, riding behavior characteristics, stylist is applied science accurate three-dimensional combination of development and design out many outdoor recreation, created the fusion puzzles, sports, fitness, entertainment, leisure as one of the children's activity center. In fully exercise the child to muscle action, the development of all kinds of sports skills, realize the coordinated development on the basis of physical quality, cultivate their courage to explore, strong self-confidence, not afraid of challenges in the spirit of quality, to promote children's physical and mental health development in an all-round way. < / p >
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