Outdoor plaza parent-child play toy car storage battery amusement equipment manufacturer

2019 - 07 - 05 09:59:29

the richness of modern society is all about practice ability, to ensure that during their play in the future, feel the entertainment provided help. Square amusement park in recent years, to help children feel the joy, and can become the parents and children are the guarantee of parent-child interaction.

now, our company introduced a ice land amphibious children's toy car - The royal carriage. So it can be on the ice, not subject to any site restrictions, can take two adults and two children, the largest bearing of up to 400 g, and has a radar anti-collision function, can detect obstacles in front of the automatic brake, is a relatively high-end car, glass fiber reinforced plastic material, steel structure, pneumatic tyre, have 4 pieces of 20 Ann amd battery, 48 large pay 500 w brushless motor, speed of 100 music freely exchange, there are 7 colour cool lights, launched by the square of new and old customers like to booking, also is the best choice for many managers or investors.

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