Outdoor playground brisk business profit easily

2019 - 11 - 19 08:07:28

in recent years, children's economic Mosaic sang in each big market, children's playground to stimulate consumption of parent-child projects emerge in endlessly, and fees. Small children parents reflect generally, go to the mall and play with children, it is difficult to bypass all kinds of amusement facilities, in order to avoid the child crying, have to spend more money every time.

store inside and outside to play, take hundreds of very poor, Mrs. Zhang 'complain' way 'to the amusement park operators to take children go to the mall and play, along the way is the temptation, obstacles, it is move step. ”。 Ms zhang's daughter 3 and a half years old now, it is the age to be curious about everything. Last weekend, ms zhang and her daughter speak good, want to take her to the Mr Wang run 'joy to meet to play,' ms zhang long handle card prepaid phone from there, there is a basin, slides, merry-go-round, all kinds of bumper cars and other amusement facilities, children like to go, too. But just go to the shopping center of the north gate, daughter is adding new facilities such as attracted by the train, crying to play. For 40 yuan after playing for two, into the shopping center, the daughter was on the first floor of the hall attracted by the new ocean ball pool, and spent 20 yuan to play for a few minutes. Haven't to the 3rd floor destination, 60 yuan is not a shadow.

compared to those rides in the mall, there are visitors think outdoor amusement equipment is easier to attract children. 'When they come out to the mall to buy clothes, I would intentionally avoid those shops, children also don't remember the way anyway, as long as see couldn't remember. But the outdoor playground are built in the path, let they saw a do not pay attention to. 'Mr. Lee said, the child is playing a 20-30 minutes,, and not enough on spend money is secondary, main is some time delay. Sometimes vendors see parents with children after, will also take the initiative to open the audio, or called out, draw the child in the past. Encounter this kind of situation, also is powerless, can only be 'surrender'.

'usual weekend traffic is bigger, can receive at least 100 people a day, working days less, also depends on the weather, windy rain can not be done. 'Mr. Wang said that the current row overall outlook is good. Rough count, an amusement equipment is at least 10 yuan a, if the weekend of 100 customers, receive 50 at ordinary times, such a outdoor playground monthly income sufficient to thousands, even for offices. Recreation venue planning, one-stop service, daily management to provide better protection for you.

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