Outdoor expand safety equipment

< p > in outdoor development training activities, the students use outdoor safety equipment must undergo UIAA ( The international federation of mountaineering standard) And CE ( European standard) Certification. In addition, involved in the process of training equipment operators are required to pass through national mountaineering association equipment used for training. < / p > < p > and high protection professional training. Safety equipment includes: climbing helmet, auxiliary static line, power cord, rope, sling, fast down, hanging, forming a flat belt, safety rope, The main rope) , main lock, steel lock, seat belts, rising/falling, check lock protective equipment and the decrease of the standard ( Eight words ring) Quick, hanging, holding rope and pulley safety equipment. < / p > < p > the following is a common classification of specific safety equipment: < / p > < p > 1, outdoor expand the sling connection protection at project operation or the use of soft connection. According to the different connection methods are divided into manual knotting ( 跑步者) And mechanical joint ( 吊索) Two categories. < / p > 2, outdoor development belts < p > for high-altitude operation project personnel and fixed protector provides a comfortable, safe, convenient and connected to the protection of a rope, can spread out the impact of the falling to the waist, legs, and not only focused on the waist. According to the different way of connection can be divided into sedentary seat belts and body seat belts. < / p > 3, outdoor expansion far away. < p > points used to connect the rope and protection, safety belt and protection/decline, carrying equipment, etc. , existing in the protection system for rigid connection. < / p > 4, outdoor expand protector or fall ( belay /背景devices) < p > in the process of protection and falling through it and grip strength needed for the rope can reduce the friction to the operator. Commonly used down eight words ring and ATC. 5, outdoor expand rise < / p > < p > have the effect of share and protection in the process of climbing, divided into left and right, to adapt to different handedness < / p > 6, outdoor expansion head helmet < p > in the process of project operation to protect the head, to avoid a head injury. < / p > 7, outdoor expand down < p > there are eight rings, GRIGRI and STOP, operation, protection, rescue, etc. , used in high up in the air under pressure not less than 25 kn. < / p >
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