Outdoor expand damage processing

1, outdoor expand scratch < p > skin skin abrasions. Such as scratch part, just put mercurochrome can; Such as scratch wound is dirty or have a bleeding, application of saline debridement and then coated with mercurochrome or crystal violet. < / p > 2, outdoor expand muscle < p > refers to the torn muscle fibers and cause damage. Mainly caused by movement of excessive or insufficient warm-up, according to the degree of pain to know the weight of the injured, once appear, should immediately stop movement, pain and pain points in ice or cold towel, 30 minutes, in order to make small vasoconstriction, reduce local hyperemia, edema. Don't rub and hot compress. < / p > 3, outdoor expand contusion < p > due to local hit by blunt body tissue damage. Injury does not need special treatment, by the cold treatment available for promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis ding agent after 24 hours, local wet as the injury acetanilide labeled are available, and the first day after injury to cold, hot compress the next day. Can be absorbed disappear after about a week. The heavier contusion available apply the wound and bandage, yunnan baiyao and liquor dressing to go once, 2 - every day Three times, and physical therapy. < / p > 4, outdoor expansion strain < p > due to the joint parts suddenly too hard twist, twist twist the attached to the outside of the joint ligaments and tendons. Tend to occur in the ankle, knee, wrist, and the waist, different parts of the strain, the treatment methods are also different. < / p > < p > 1, the patients with acute lumbar sprain to lie on your back on the mat of thicker wood, a pillows under her hips, first cold and hot compress. < / p > < p > 2, joint sprain ankle, knee, wrist joint sprains, the sprain place mat is high, the first 2 - cold Heat 3 days later. , such as a sprained site bruising and swelling, skin pain, available mature vinegar stew hot dip in with towel apply the wound after half a catty, 2 - every day Each time, 3 times for 10 minutes. < / p > 5, outdoor expand dislocated < p > the joint dislocation. In case of dislocation, should ask client to keep quiet, not activities, more do not knead dislocated. , such as dislocation site in the shoulder, but the patients with elbow bent at right angles, the forearm and elbow with triangle towel again lift, hung on the neck, reoccupy a broadband had bound the brain, in the end side of the brain. Such as in hip dislocation part, should make the patient lying on the soft sleeper to hospital immediately. < / p > < p > 6, outdoor expansion fracture common fracture is divided into two kinds, one kind is the skin is not broken, no wounds, broken bones not connected with the outside world, is called a closed fracture. Another kind is the tip of the bone through the skin, has cut the mines with the outside, called the open fractures. For open fractures, not back, with the hand, lest cause meningitis, makes a preliminary bandaging, sterile gauze was applied to stop the bleeding, with a flat board fixed to a hospital treatment. Fracture after the body is not stable, easy to move, can aggravate the injury and severe pain, can find board, plastic board, etc will be limbs fracture fixed up two joints. As at that time could not find the material, external fixation fracture in the upper extremity, flexing elbow fixed on the torso; Fracture in lower limb can unbend leg foot, fixed on the contralateral limb. Suspected of spinal fractures, to lie in the door or on a stretcher, early around the torso with a clothes, sheets etc, and does not move, can't lift head, it will cause the injured spinal cord injury or paraplegia. Coma should be on your stomach, head to one side, in order to prevent vomiting will vomit when inhaled the lungs. When suspected cervical spine fracture, need to buy a pillow or on both sides of head and neck support in patients with head and neck, make it not happen in transit shaking. < / p >
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