Outdoor development training value

The value of the < p > training < / p > < p > good team spirit and positive attitude toward life, is should have the basic qualities of modern people, is also two core connotation of modern personality traits. In modern society, the human wisdom and skills it is only in the personality power, under the control of the shine, will burst into training arises at the historic moment. Using the outdoor environment to cultivate people's outdoor training originated from the sea survival training during the second world war, the postwar gradually evolved into an outdoor training methods for modern society. < / p > < p > expand people's values < / p > < p > [ Active] Positive work attitude and life attitude is the core of the development spirit. Optimistic self-confidence, starts from me, the environment for me; Explanation, say, in deed; Customer care from the heart. < / p > < p > training < / p > < p > [ Innovation] With an open mind, to cope with change and aggressive. < / p > < p > ( Serious and responsible] And when seriously and perfect, attention to detail is the expression of the specialization. Stick to promise, accumulation of credit. < / p > < p > ( Independent collaboration] Independent, changed role. The competitiveness of individuals and companies from your irreplaceable value. A high level of independence, is likely to bring a high level of collaboration. Local interest obedience overall benefit; In order to create maximum power win-win mentality. < / p > < p > ( Shared success] Success comes from everyone's effort and contribution, success is the result of collaboration; Share the successful experience and share the benefits of success. But not Shared evenly, eat pot. < / p >
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