Outdoor development training

11 - 05 10:05:59

jigsaw puzzle experience, expand training team to finish the game, read the task to understand the rules of the game, recall the game process, really leaderless, fragmented and lost badly. As a leader without work, really lose. 。 First, as a leader must have responsibility on the shoulder. Your role is very big, take up the responsibility to lead a team to success. Second, for individual, the courage to sacrifice, met the team, to put aside personal interests. Third, love, for the company to pay their own heart, to help, stretched out his hands, adds a warm to groups. Fourth, communicate to their respective responsibilities clear, good cooperate with others' work. Fifth, details, must not afraid fire makes sweet malt, seemingly slow is fast. We must believe that everything has a solution, the method is better than more difficult. Nothing is too difficult if you climb. Seemingly impossible things, not can't complete, as long as willing to sell, thank those who give us faith, nothing is made.

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