Outdoor development project

< p > outdoor development project is designed according to the person's psychology, through touches the participants' mental state, have the effect of training, in the domestic hundreds of expansion project has, outdoor development project consists of high altitude, half the sky, the project site projects, water projects, the natural environment using the theme of the project. Common popular projects are: trust back, grasp the bar high, middle-east, ladders, together, rock climbing, jigsaw puzzle for the blind, canned shoes, grid, and escape wall, mine water, live-action CS, new projects in the continuous development at the same time. The following simple introduced several: < / p > 1. < p > 1 outdoor expand jungle rope bridge in interval 1 above. Through 2 meters of rope, wire rope bridge to the other end of the bridge, and back. < / p > < p > training objective: how to adjust oneself mood, learn to effectively cope with fear and stress, for an individual, as professional requirements, also is the need of personal development and achievements. Jungle rope bridge training can effectively make the trainees experience fear, effective management of fear and stress, feel their mental growth, cultivate good psychological quality to march forward. < / p > < p > by training can also help enhance their confidence to overcome difficulties, excavate the potential of self, by using the theory of psychology, to improve the adaptability of fear, form good coping mode. < / p > 1。 2 outdoor expand more < p > in turn from about 8 meters high, 35 cm in diameter, 6 m long wooden bridge on through. < / p > < p > high wooden bridge < / p > < p > project significance: < / p > < p > 1, enhance self control and the ability to adapt to the changing external environment. < / p > < p > 2, to overcome the psychological pressure, challenge difficult confidence and courage. < / p > < p > 3, to review individual ability, speaking out of turn fail, cultivate positive state of mind. < / p > < p > 1。 3 outdoor expand swinging bridge < / p > < p > this project 10 meters off the ground, is composed of seven swings wood, < / p > < p > air swing bridge < / p > < p > connection wood is after galvanizing processing chain, and then by the broken pieces and beams together, trained personnel requirements from a walk to the other end of the wood. < / p >
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