Outdoor development process

< p > the first step to experience: this is the beginning of the process. Participants in an activity, and in the form of observation, expression and action. This initial experience is the foundation of the whole process. < / p > < p > step 2: share, have the experience, it is very important is that the participants to be the same as the other experienced or observed activities of the people to share their feelings and observations. < / p > < p > the third step: communication: to share their personal feelings is only the first step. A key part of the cycle is to share these things together. With other people to attend discussion, communication, and reflect their own inner life mode. < / p > < p > the fourth step: integration: according to the logic made the application, the next step is to sums up the principles from the experience and inductive extract essence. Again in some way to put together, to help participants to further define and realize the experience results < / p > < p > step 5: application: the final step is to plan how to apply these experiences in work and life. And application itself also become a kind of experience, there is a new experience, the cycle again. So participants can move on. < / p >
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