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< p > outdoor expand and experiential training, English for OutwardBound, meaning a small boat off the quiet harbour, resolutely towards the unknown journey, to meet the challenge, time and again to overcome difficulties one by one, outdoor development refers to the natural environment for the site, with a nature or adventure experience adventure sports activities of the nature of the project group. < / p > < p > training objects such as sailors, soldiers, students and business people. Training objectives include pure physical ability, survival training to the psychological training, personality training, management training, etc. < / p > 1。 1 outdoor development origin < p > this training originated in Britain during the second world war. Atlantic business fleets have been German attack at that time, a lot of young seafarers in the bottom of the sea. From survivors find that they are not necessarily is the best of the physical person, but it is the will to live the most tenacious people. < / p > < p > so the Hans and other people started school 'o' Byrd, weihai, the viability of the training of young seafarers in the sea and the ship ran aground survival skills. After the war ended, expand training ideas and training methods have been popularized gradually. < / p > < p > early outdoor activity is a means of survival, herb gathering, hunting, war and other activities all humans were forced to for survival or development activities. < / p > < p > during the second world war, the British special forces began using natural barrier and the rope net training, its purpose is to improve the ability of field operations and team cooperation ability, this is the first time that the system of the application of outdoor expand purposefully to practice. In world war ii a shipwreck, later after statistics found people can escape in the disaster age group distribution in 28 - Between 38, most experts study has found that most people in this age group psychological maturity, there are a wide variety of life experiences, have good team spirit, and it is precisely these factors can help them escape. < / p > < p > after the second world war, as the war away from and the development of economy, outdoor development started out of the military and survival category, has become our entertainment, leisure and improve the quality of life of a kind of new way of life. New Zealand 1989 cross-country adventure challenge for the first time after the game, various forms of outdoor development and competition in the boom of the world. In the United States, outdoor expand sports participation and output in the third of all the sports; Outdoor development in China in 1989; Established in 1989, the first civil society in China, under the leadership of the China's mountaineering sports management center, the end of 2003, more than 300 officially registered club. < / p > < p > most with outdoor adventure, belong to the limits and the extreme sports, there is a big challenge and excitement. Embrace nature, challenge themselves, to develop personal perseverance and team spirit of cooperation between, improve the survival ability, is popular among young people. < / p > < p > outdoor activity more and more attracted the attention of people, has increasingly become the focus of attention. In addition, because our country's unique geographical conditions, with good natural resources, as well as outdoor activity provides a broad space. < / p > < p > greater participation, for young and old. Mountaineering outdoor development different from other sports, is hands-on, age but can small, way also is diverse, mountain climbing, hiking, can cross the water, camping, similar to the 'sports supermarket', are free to choose, changing, freedom in form, is advantageous to the individual character make public, excavate potential, complied with the need of social development trend of The Times. < / p > < p > of course, for outdoor activity, every involved person should keep a sober understanding of reason, not blind, but also can't isolate. Media organizations, and institutions and all kinds of people engaged in outdoor activity should be more in security, public safety awareness and skills at the same time actively develop and promote the outdoor activity. Let this positive and healthy lifestyle accepted by more people. < / p > 1。 2 outdoor development significance < p > promotional activities is not a sports and entertainment, but the orthodox education of a general extraction and comprehensive supplement. Through the training course can effectively develop the potential of enterprise personnel, improve and strengthen the individual psychological quality, stimulate team spirit, outdoor development to enhance team cohesion, more harmoniously and group cooperation; Learn to appreciate, care and love the nature. < / p > 1。 Three basic characteristics of outdoor expand < p > 1, in a natural environment for sports venues, a return to nature, return uncut jade to feature < / p > < p > 2, outdoor expand all columns with different degree of challenge and adventure from < / p > < p > 3, outdoor development especially emphasize teamwork < / p > < p > 4, outdoor expand to the body, will have comprehensive requirements < / p > < p > 5, outdoor activity is a comprehensive discipline < / p > 1. 4 < p > experience perspective-taking outdoor development purposes, to establish mutual cooperation, support team cooperation consciousness; < / p > < p > through active and effective cooperation, set up the team together to win faith; < / p > < p > found team, training team leadership, improve management method; < / p > < p > enhance the work sense of responsibility and have the courage to meet the challenges of the confidence, stimulate creative thinking. < / p > < p > in nature to relax, release the pressure, adjust state of mind. < / p > < p > enhance the team cooperation consciousness, improve the method of coordination and team management skills. < / p > < p > to improve team members' communication, enhance mutual understanding, trust and responsibility consciousness, improve team awareness and affinity. < / p > < p > enhance the courage and confidence of facing difficulties and challenges, overcome the psychological inertia, cultivate positive enterprising, innovative work attitude. < / p > < p > enhance the communication and collaboration, between the departments, overall situation consciousness, and establish the overall point of each customer service consciousness. < / p >
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