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Characteristics of < p > a: students are the protagonist < / p > < p > this should say is compared with the usual training big different, the whole process of training, the trainees has been the focus of the activity, the student through his acting activities to feel, and realize the truth. Trainers are based on the interpretation of based on a review of all the students, rather than a one-way. This study way fully guarantee the student's work rate. < / p > < p > features 2: simple game contains profound truth; 'Training' adopted by the activities of the look is very simple, but the vast majority of these projects are after decades of psychology, management, team scientific argumentation, to personal quality and team improve the quality of the project, its scientific nature self-evident. < / p > < p > three characteristics: bring emotional distance was quickly close < / p > < p > expand training team is usually divided into several groups, each group by trainers to mobilize fully mix, the activity itself due to face the challenges, many projects to be unselfish cooperation to complete. Feeling as if in a camp, so formed in school formed by feelings, the emotional distance is far lower than normally social relationships. Four: < / p > < p > characteristics trainer he < / p > < p > training trainers has been recognized as the sunlight career of modern society, cool and wise. Not only can perform in various outdoor training equipment, but also in the review of the classroom. < / p > < p > < / p > < p > < / p > < p > the five characteristics: training effect different < / p > < p > with conventional for skills training, training is aimed at training more sense. For training in the field of the product is very rare, for enterprise, employee attitude often determines its working performance, it is given the expanding training is a very broad space for survival. General feedback from the participation enterprise, expand training for improving the quality of the team have very obvious effects. < / p > < p > unlike travel: < / p > < p > a lot of people in the training as a form of tourism, this is not accurate. The purpose of tourism tend to be relaxed, widen our sight and enrich their knowledge and enhance feelings. < / p > < p > in contrast, expand training goal is to improve the quality of individual and team, its core is to bring the ascension. Look from the means, to expand training usually emphasize away from the hustle and bustle, investment landscape, sometimes will also introduce the means of training such as camping, hiking, but the purpose of this approach is to give participants build an atmosphere of more investment to attend training, rather than just to travel. < / p > < p > unlike sports: < / p > < p > although expand training to outdoor activities as the carrier, but whether the training targets, and training means, there are big differences are related to sports. Sport is a sport and physical activity as the core purpose, and expand the training does not stress the body ability reserve and ascend. In contrast, physical condition is not good players will often be master of the story happened on a team. < / p > < p > in training methods, training is usually on the basis of limited time to complete the task, for team members to solve the problem, and sports training is the main form of repetitive intensive training. < / p > < p > unlike entertainment: < / p > < p > training with great interest, but still different from the entertainment. A prominent feature of entertainment is not obvious, the purpose of the solution is some kind of psychological satisfaction. And training of some projects is precisely to overcome psychological barriers, complete mental challenges as the goal. More content will focus on team building, which is very obvious and the difference of entertainment. < / p >
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