Operating electric bumper cars need to be pay attention to?

2019 - 09 - 05 10:04:35

double electric bumper car bumper car is children's favorite children's amusement equipment project, but there are some children's age is very small, body development is not mature enough, children's bumper cars is a very intense sport, so play bumper car should first help the child when fasten your seat belt, adults can best accompany children to ride together. There are, of course, don't be too intense collision and other vehicles, especially frontal crash. Or you'll scare the children, a bad influence on children's physical and mental thed loss outweights the gain. First speed must be adjusted slowly, amusement bumper cars have 20 speed, can be arbitrary switching, and then music is any change, like to listen to the song to download to SD, and then can be put into the car, there are cute, and popular, also in English, all casual see mood change. Play bumper car is a relaxation process, don't get too comfortable with children and myself, I hope everyone can happy to play.
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